"In the middle of the urban effervescence, WELL-NEST is a haven of peace, a parenthesis of serenity"...

Welcome to Slow Life at Well-Nest

Here we offer some tips and tricks to find more balance, freedom and happiness in your lives:

  • I know reconnect with nature considering what it has to offer us and how we might also better protect it; relearning the simple pleasures of life outdoors; living more slowly to the rhythm of nature will have soothing virtues on our organism
  • Take time to pay real attention to the world around us, it strengthens our relationship with others
  • Say no to anything that takes our attention away from what really matters to us, to find a balance.
  • Turn off your cell phone when you are in company in order to be really available to listen and discuss
  • thinking about having fun, take care of yourself, because if we are happy the people around us will be too
  • Living and consuming by being responsible for the sake of protecting our environment and minimizing the use of our resources which are not inexhaustible; consume less but better
  • Refocus on essential things, favor things that last, recover, recycle; living with fewer objects means more time for the things that really matter.
  • Do a "digital detox" from time to time


Hoping that this little guide will allow you to better live this period. WELL-NEST wishes you a smooth time during this time... And to feel good in your nests!