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Spiritual Wave Body Mist

Spiritual Wave Body Mist

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Body and hair mist with Frangipani flowers, the Scent of the Balinese.

Spiritual wave, the scented floral mist bewitches and transports you. Fresh, revitalizing, natural floral water with frangipani flowers. it is the traditional scent of Bali. Frangipani trees are an integral part of the Balinese landscape as well as their unique scents. 

Capacity: 150 ml

All the formulations are composed of active plant ingredients that meet a strict charter, the products are natural and contain no petrochemicals (paraffin, silicone), pesticides, preservatives, synthetic products, or GMOs. They are not tested on animals.

Cosmetic labels: Organic - Vegan - Peta cruelty free

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