Soy wax scented pebbles

Soy wax scented pebbles

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Handcrafted scent pebbles in Latvia from 100% natural soy wax and guaranteed GMO-free. The fragrances are made from essential oils and from totally natural flowers and plants collected from Latvian meadows and forests. They are distributed in drawers, cupboards and on shelves to perfume linen and clothes or just a room.

5 variants: Marigold Flowers / Moss / Heather / Wild Flowers / Juniper

Soy wax burns slowly, without toxic fumes, and is biodegradable, so it washes away easily with soap and water. It is made from the soybean, a renewable agricultural resource.

Box of 10 rollers: Ø 6 cm x 4 pieces + Ø 3.5 cm x 6 pieces

120 ml