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Grapefruit & May Chang Diffuser

Grapefruit & May Chang Diffuser

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Subtle and delicious blend of grapefruit and floral notes of May Chang, this stick diffuser calms the spirit and soothes the soul, while filling the atmosphere with a sweet, fresh, natural fragrance for the long haul. 

Formulated with completely natural ingredients and packed with essential oils. His glass jar is a beautiful object, to be placed in the entrance, the bathroom or the bedroom. 

All the products in this range are 100% vegan and certified by COSMOS EcoCert. From raw materials to packaging (recycled & recyclable), everything is eco-responsible!

Capacity: 180 ml

Instructions :

Remove the stopper and insert the sticks into the glass jar.

Wait a few minutes for the fragrance to soak the sticks. Then turn them in the other direction, upside down. The oils slowly rise by capillary action along the sticks to diffuse the natural fragrances throughout the room. 

Turn the sticks from time to time to prolong the embalming effect of the diffuser. Lifespan: approximately 4 months.

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