Brick small checkered linen tablecloth

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This 100% linen tablecloth is made in Lithuania from a very high quality washed linen from the Baltic region and Europe. Choosing linen over cotton is a more responsible act towards our planet since it requires very few resources to be cultivated and processed, and it is biodegradable.

With its small brick tiles on a natural background, this tablecloth will be easy to use on a daily basis, in all circumstances, in town and in the countryside. Finish: 2 cm cut-off hem. Density: 165g / m²

With a production tool combining artisanal techniques and cutting-edge technologies, this family flax spinning workshop in Lithuania, specialized for more than 40 years in the manufacture of linen articles for the home, with more than 1000 fabric references, ensures rigorous monitoring of the entire sector with manual quality control and an anti-waste strategy for recovering each cm of fabric. Its spinning mill runs on renewable solar energy. 

Dimensions: 170 x 170 cm - 170 x 250 cm

Assorted 48 x 48 cm napkins.