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L'Art du Bain

Sento Soap Refill

Sento Soap Refill

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Soap refills on rope, with pearls Sento.

The The Sento range offers a trip to Japan with delicacy and sobriety, subtle scents and softness. Organic donkey milk, & shea, ... For a subtle escape to Asia. Donkey milk has been known since antiquity for its multiple virtues. SHanging on the rope, these soaps decorate and perfume your bathroom. They also last longer because they dry better. Delivered in a silk-screen printed cotton pouch.

Dimensions: Ø 4 cm x H 8 cm - 130 gr

The soaps are made by hand by cold saponification, a process which preserves the glycerin and the overfatting of the soap and thus protects the skin. 

Each of the raw materials used in the composition is rigorously selected for its quality and respect for the environment. 

Soaps are dried for a minimum of 6 weeks, cut, stamped and packaged by hand

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